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Economic Geology

economics, AMRAP, metal ores, industry, legislation, geology, energy sources, chemical industry, coal mines, discoveries, companies, cutoff grade, development, evaluation, Law of the Sea, licensing, metallogenic epochs, metallogenic provinces, metallogeny, mineral deposits,,

Engineering Geology

bridges, accelerograms, accelerometers, airports, anchors, artificial islands, aseismic design, asperities, backfill, berms, clays, blasting, blowouts, breakwaters, concrete, civil engineering, cohesionless materials, cohesive materials, compactness, conductive materials, co,

Environmental Geology

acid mine drainage, ecology, atmosphere, chemical waste, CREAMS, DDT, Clean Air Act, airports, bioassays, conservation, drought, bioaccumulation, bioavailability, endangered species, Clean Water Act, energy conservation, constructed wetlands, detergents, engineering geolog,


absolute age, absorption, adsorption, biochemistry, alanine, activity, advection, atmosphere, background level, alkalinity, buffers, alumina, ammonia compound, ammonium, ammonium ion, basin analysis, anions, aqueous solutions, bicarbonate ion, biogeochemical methods, calcium,


absolute age, cosmochronology, dates, geochemistry, isochrons, metamorphic rocks, exposure age, epimerization, metamorphism, fission-track dating, meteor craters, biochronology, chronology, cation-ratio dating, event stratigraphy, hydration of glass, lichenometry, optical,


avalanches, aerial photography, aggradation, alluvial fans, alluvial plains, alpine-type features, arid environment, barchans, arroyos, barrier islands, astroblemes, badlands, barrier beaches, beaches, bars, bays, beach profiles, beach ridges, berms, bedforms, benches, blowou,


backscattering, adiabatic demagnetization, demagnetization, atmosphere, alpha quartz, alternating field demagnetization, deformation, Earth, anvil cells, crust, deep seismic sounding, Born approximation, chemical demagnetization, core, dynamos, dilatancy, direct problem,


ground water, aquifers, hydrochemistry, artesian waters, hydrologic cycle, hydrology, hydrosphere, imbibition, hydrogeological controls, flowmeters, dolines, dye tracers, fluorimetry, ground-water provinces, hydrogeologic maps, hydrological methods, infiltrometers, lysime,


lava, education, accessory minerals, igneous rocks, magmas, metamorphic rocks, metamorphism, catalogs, lexicons, bibliography, inclusions, intrusions, crystallography, banded structures, fluid inclusions, me, image analysis, homogenization, interlaboratory comparison, melts,

Marine Geology

bottom features, continental rise, environmental geology, geophysical methods, Alvin, continental shelf, continental slope, marine drilling, geology, bathymetry, benthonic taxa, levees, epicontinental seas, CYANA, Deep Sea Drilling Project, Glomar Challenger, MANOP, marin,


minerals, clay mineralogy, catalogs, lexicons, bibliography, collections, microscope methods, atomic packing, crystal structure, crystallography, crystal chemistry, crystal growth, collecting, crystal zoning, goniometry, mineral data, decrepitation, mineral inventory, opti,


bottom features, abyssal plains, convection, air-sea interface, Alvin, AMCOR, continental shelf, continental slope, bottom water, catalogs, bibliography, Continental Offshore Stratigraphic Test, bathymetry, boundary layer, carbonate compensation depth, CYANA, Deep Sea Dr,


biologic evolution, biogeography, fossils, catalogs, bibliography, floral provinces, biodiversity, cladistics, geomicrobiology, fossilization, floral studies, chemosynthesis, miscellanea, electron microscopy, flowers, leaves, micropaleontology, fossil record, holotypes, mod,


adaptation, adaptive radiation, biologic evolution, biogeography, biostratigraphy, anatomy, bones, catalogs, bibliography, collections, casts, biocenoses, biochronology, biodiversity, biogeographic maps, cladistics, chemical fossils, bipedalism, biometry, collecting, contine,

Sedimentary Petrology

sedimentation, oceanography, petrology, clay mineralogy, sedimentary rocks, diagenesis, marine geology, sediments, catalogs, glossaries, lexicons, bibliography, microscope methods, sedimentary structures, sedimentology, domains, flume studies, shape analysis,


410-km discontinuity, 670-km discontinuity, accelerograms, accelerometers, acoustical emissions, acoustical waves, acoustical properties, aftershocks, Airy waves, amplitude, amplitude distortion, anelastic materials, anelasticity, anisotropy, arrival time, attenuation, b,


biogeography, biomarkers, allostratigraphy, aminostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, continental drift, catalogs, bibliography, Continental Offshore Stratigraphic Test, cross sections, correlation, biozones, chemostratigraphy, chronostratigraphy, cyclostratigraphy, diachroni,

Structural Geology

orogeny, tectonics, faults, maps, allochthons, alpine-type features, structural analysis, folds, catalogs, glossaries, lexicons, swells, bibliography, geology, fractures, foliation, lineation, stereographic projection, relaxation, inliers,

Surficial Geology

soils, geomorphology, landform description, shallow depth, geology, shallow aquifers, surficial geology maps, surface textures,


faults, continental margin, geosynclines, geophysics, convection, deformation, Earth, folds, continental drift, bibliography, fractures, asthenosphere, crust, convection currents, foliation, core, core-mantle boundary, crustal thinning, Earth tides, expanding Earth, geotecto,