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Earth  search
RTangular momentum
 Chandler wobble
 Conrad discontinuity
 Earth tides
 Earth-Moon couple
 expanding Earth
 figure of Earth
 free oscillations
 Gaia hypothesis
SNTreated as a whole. For general concepts or studies.
Earth crust  search
SNNot a valid GeoRef index term. Now use crust.
Earth current exploration  search
SNNot a valid GeoRef index term after 1970. Used in subfile N. Now use Earth-current methods.
Earth currents  search
SNNot a valid GeoRef index term after 1970. Used in subfile N. Now use Earth-current methods.
earth dams  search
 .gravity dams dams
 earthfill dams
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1981.
earth flows  search
Earth Observing System  search
UFEOS (Earth Observing System)
RTinformation systems
 satellite methods
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1993.
earth pressure  search
 soil mechanics
Earth sciences  search
SNNo longer a valid GeoRef index term. Used in subfile N. See geology; geography. See also list P.
Earth tides  search
UFbodily tide
Earth waves  search
USEseismic waves
earth, diatomaceous  search
USEdiatomaceous earth
Earth-current exploration  search
SNNot a valid term for GeoRef after 1971. Used in subfiles G and N. Now use Earth-current methods.
Earth-current methods  search
BTgeophysical methods
 .Earth-current methods
UFtelluric methods
RTgeophysical surveys
 electrical field
 magnetic field
 audiomagnetotelluric methods
 magnetotelluric methods
 CSAMT methods
SNFor surveys, search with geophysical surveys and an area. For surveys, also index geophysical surveys and the area.
Earth-Mo  search
Earth-Moon couple  search
UFEarth-Moon system
 extraterrestrial geology
 solar system
SNUsed for discussions of the Earth and Moon together, e.g. motions or genesis. Added to Thesaurus in 1985.
Earth-Moon system  search
USEEarth-Moon couple
earthdams  search
USEearth dams
earthfill dams  search
USEearth dams
earthflows  search
BTmass movements
UFearth flows
RTslope stability
earthquake magnitude  search
earthquake prediction  search
 induced earthquakes
 Parkfield earthquakes
 radon emanometry
 seismic gaps
 soil gases
 stress drops
 VAN method
SNBefore 1993, also search earthquakes AND prediction. Added to Thesaurus in 1993.
earthquake record  search
earthquake sea wave  search
earthquake swarms  search
earthquakes  search
NTAlaska earthquake 1964
 Aleutian Islands earthquake 1957
 Andreanof Islands earthquake 1986
 Antofagasta earthquake 1995
 Big Bear earthquake 1992
 Bolivia earthquake 1994
 Borah Peak earthquake 1983
 Borrego Mountain earthquake 1968
 Cape Mendocino earthquakes 1992
 Chalfant Valley earthquake 1986
 Charleston earthquake 1886
 Chibaken-Toho-Oki earthquake 1987
 Chile earthquake 1960
 Chile earthquake 1985
 Coalinga earthquake 1983
 Costa Rica earthquake 1991
 Coyote Lake earthquake 1979
 deep-focus earthquakes
 Edgecumbe earthquake 1987
 El Asnam earthquake 1980
 El Centro earthquake 1940
 Erzincan earthquake 1992
 Flores Sea earthquake 1996
 Friuli earthquake 1976
 Gazli earthquake 1976
 Gazli earthquake 1984
 Goodnow earthquake 1983
 Grand Banks earthquake 1929
 Guam earthquake 1993
 Guatemala earthquake 1976
 Gulf of Corinth earthquake 1981
 Haicheng earthquake 1975
 Haiyuan earthquake 1920
 Hebgen Lake earthquake 1959
 Hokkaido-Nansei-Oki earthquake 1993
 Hyogo-ken Nanbu earthquake 1995
 Imperial Valley earthquake 1979
 induced earthquakes
 intermediate-focus earthquakes
 Irpinia earthquake 1980
 Izu-Oshima earthquake 1978
 Jalisco earthquake 1995
 Japan Sea earthquake 1983
 Joshua Tree earthquake 1992
 Kalamata earthquake 1986
 Kanto earthquake 1923
 Kettleman Hills earthquake 1985
 Klamath Falls earthquakes 1993
 Kozani-Grevena earthquake 1995
 Kuril Islands earthquake 1994
 Kushiro-Oki earthquake 1993
 Lancang-Gengma earthquake 1988
 Landers earthquake 1992
 Latur earthquake 1993
 Liege earthquake 1983
 Little Skull Mountain earthquake 1992
 Loma Prieta earthquake 1989
 Luzon earthquake 1990
 Mammoth Lakes earthquakes
 Mexico City earthquake 1985
 Miramichi earthquake 1982
 Miyagi earthquake 1978
 Montenegro earthquake 1979
 Morgan Hill earthquake 1984
 Mudurnu earthquake 1967
 Nagano earthquake 1984
 Nahanni earthquake 1985
 Nankaido earthquake 1946
 New Madrid earthquakes 1811-1812
 Nicaragua earthquake 1992
 Niigata earthquake 1964
 North Palm Springs earthquake 1986
 Northridge earthquake 1994
 Oroville earthquake 1975
 Parkfield earthquake 1966
 Parkfield earthquakes
 Racha earthquake 1991
 Roermond earthquake 1992
 Saguenay earthquake 1988
 San Fernando earthquake 1971
 San Francisco earthquake 1906
 San Salvador earthquake 1986
 Scotts Mills earthquake 1993
 shallow-focus earthquakes
 Spitak earthquake 1988
 Superstition Hills earthquake 1987
 Tangshan earthquake 1976
 Tokachi-Oki earthquake 1968
 Tonankai earthquake 1944
 Tonghai earthquake 1970
 Uttarkashi earthquake 1991
 Victoria earthquake 1980
 volcanic earthquakes
 Vrancea earthquake 1977
 Whittier Narrows earthquake 1987
 Xingtai earthquake 1966
 acoustical emissions
SNUsed for earthquakes on all planetary bodies and their natural satellites, except for the Moon and Mars. For earthquakes on the Moon and Mars, see moonquakes or marsquakes, respectively. Before 1985, search earthquakes AND year earthquake occurred AND loc
earthworks  search
RTearth dams