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bars  search
NTlongshore bars
 point bars
UFsand bars
 fluvial features
 bedding plane irregularities
 barrier islands
 shore features
 sand ridges
 littoral erosion
 planar bedding structures
SNAs of 1993, not to be used for sedimentary structures. Also index fluvial features and/or shore features if applicable.
Barsakelmes  search
 .Central Asia
 Aral Sea
SNRegion of depression in Ustyurt in W Uzbekistan. Also an island in the Aral Sea, S Kazakhstan. Indexed with Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan as applicable.
Barstovian  search
BTChronostratigraphic Units
SNNorth America.
Barstow California  search
BTUnited States
 ..San Bernardino County California
 ...Barstow California
SNCity in S California.
Barstow Formation  search
BTChronostratigraphic Units
 .....Barstow Formation
SNMiddle and upper Miocene. S California. Added to Thesaurus in 1985.