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marin  search
Marin County California  search
BTUnited States
 ..Marin County California
NTBolinas Lagoon
 Point Reyes
 Tomales Bay
RTSan Francisco Bay region
 San Pablo Bay
SNW California.
Marina District (San Francisco California)  search
USESan Francisco California
Marinduque Philippine Islands  search
 .Far East
 ..Philippine Islands
 ...Marinduque Philippine Islands
SNIsland and province just S of Luzon.
marine  search
SNA valid index term through 1977. After 1977, use marine environment for type of environment or marine methods for geophysical method, or use marine platforms for type of platform.
marine drilling  search
 .marine drilling
 engineering geology
 marine geology
 marine installations
 Continental Offshore Stratigraphic Test
 marine methods
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1985.
marine en  search
marine environment  search
NTdeep-sea environment
 glaciomarine environment
 hemipelagic environment
 shelf environment
 slope environment
 submarine environment
RTaquatic environment
 arctic environment
 depositional environment
 estuarine environment
 Gilbert-type deltas
 ice shelves
 intertidal environment
 littoral erosion
 marine sedimentation
 nearshore environment
SNBefore 1978, also search marine.
marine features  search
SNA valid term through 1975. Use shore features or ocean floors, or use the specific feature.
marine geology  search
UFgeological oceanography
 submarine geology
RTbottom features
 continental rise
 environmental geology
 geophysical methods
 continental shelf
 continental slope
 marine drilling
 benthonic taxa
 epicontinental seas
 Deep Sea Drilling Project
 Glomar Challenger
SNUsed for the interdisciplinary study of the ocean floor and the ocean-continent border. Compare with oceanography, ocean floors, and ocean basins.
Marine Geology (category)  search
SNOceanography (including marine geology), GeoRef category code 07, is one of thirty categories used to classify documents in GeoRef. Each reference in GeoRef is assigned one or more categories. Categories can be used, in addition to Terms, to refine search
marine geology maps  search
 .marine geology maps
 marine geology
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1985.
marine gravimeters  search
 .marine gravimeters
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1981.
marine installations  search
 gravity platforms
 marine platforms
 submarine installations
UFinstallations, marine
RTseismic response
 engineering geology
 rock mechanics
 geologic hazards
 soil mechanics
 marine drilling
 artificial islands
 feasibility studies
 nuclear facilities
 site exploration
 waste d
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1976.
marine methods  search
RTbottom-simulating reflectors
 geophysical methods
 geophysical surveys
 marine drilling
 research vessels
 Rivera Ocean Seismic Experiment
SNBefore 1978, also search marine.
marine platforms  search
BTmarine installations
 .marine platforms
 gravity platforms
marine sedimentation  search
 .marine sedimentation
NTglaciomarine sedimentation
RTmarine sediments
 marine environment
 marine transport
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1981.
marine sediments  search
 .marine sediments
 beach placers
 fecal pellets
 Heinrich events
 Orgon III
 marine sedimentation
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1981.
marine terraces  search
BTshore features
 .marine terraces
 littoral erosion
 beach ridges
 raised beaches
 wave-cut platforms
 mud flats
SNBefore 1982, also search terraces AND (shore features OR marine). Added to Thesaurus in 1982.
marine transport  search
RTbeach profiles
 marine sedimentation
 sediment transport
 solute transport
 tidal currents
Mariner 10  search
BTMariner Program
 .Mariner 10
 remote sensing
 Mercury Planet
Mariner 11  search
BTMariner Program
 .Mariner 11
 remote sensing
 satellite methods
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1982.
Mariner 4  search
BTMariner Program
 .Mariner 4
UFMariner IV
 remote sensing
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1989.
Mariner 5  search
BTMariner Program
 .Mariner 5
UFMariner V observations
RTremote sensing
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1989.
Mariner 6  search
BTMariner Program
 .Mariner 6
 remote sensing
Mariner 7  search
BTMariner Program
 .Mariner 7
 remote sensing
Mariner 9  search
BTMariner Program
 .Mariner 9
 remote sensing
Mariner IV  search
USEMariner 4
Mariner Program  search
NTMariner 10
 Mariner 11
 Mariner 4
 Mariner 5
 Mariner 6
 Mariner 7
 Mariner 9
RTextraterrestrial geology
 Mercury Planet
 remote sensing
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1981.
Mariner V observations  search
USEMariner 5
Marinette County Wisconsin  search
BTUnited States
 ..Marinette County Wisconsin