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marine geology  search
UFgeological oceanography
 submarine geology
RTbottom features
 continental rise
 environmental geology
 geophysical methods
 continental shelf
 continental slope
 marine drilling
 benthonic taxa
 epicontinental seas
 Deep Sea Drilling Project
 Glomar Challenger
SNUsed for the interdisciplinary study of the ocean floor and the ocean-continent border. Compare with oceanography, ocean floors, and ocean basins.
Marine Geology (category)  search
SNOceanography (including marine geology), GeoRef category code 07, is one of thirty categories used to classify documents in GeoRef. Each reference in GeoRef is assigned one or more categories. Categories can be used, in addition to Terms, to refine search
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 .marine geology maps
 marine geology
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1985.