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environmental geology  search
RTacid mine drainage
 chemical waste
 Clean Air Act
 Clean Water Act
 constructed wetlands
 endangered species
 energy conservation
 engineering geolog
SNUsed for studies involving the collection, analysis, and application of geologic data and principles to problems created by human occupancy and use of the physical environment. For more specific studies, see the subtopics; conservation, ecology, environme
Environmental Geology (category)  search
SNEnvironmental geology, GeoRef category code 22, is one of thirty categories used to classify documents in GeoRef. Each reference in GeoRef is assigned one or more categories. Categories can be used, in addition to Terms, to refine searches (See List A.).
environmental geology maps  search
 .environmental geology maps
RTenvironmental geology
 geologic hazards maps
 land cover maps
 land use maps
SNAdded to Thesaurus in 1985.