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education  search
NTcollege-level education
 cooperative learning
 graduate-level education
 K-12 education
 teacher education
UFstudy and teaching
 academic institutions
 popular geology
 historical geology
 educational resources
 elementary geology
 public awaren
SNBefore 1971, also search educational. Indexed with also level of education [e.g. college-level education].
educational  search
SNNot a valid GeoRef index term after 1970. Now use education.
educational resources  search
UFmaterials (educational)
 teaching aids
 geologic sites
 popular geology
 college-level education
 elementary school
 high school
 junior high school
 elementary geology
 graduate-level education
 K-12 education
SNUsed for all levels and types of education. Also search teacher aids or materials with education if applicable. See also curricula or textbooks if applicable. Added to Thesaurus in 1995.