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engineering geology  search
UFgeologic engineering
 artificial islands
 aseismic design
 civil engineering
 cohesionless materials
 cohesive materials
 conductive materials
SNUsed for geology as applied to engineering practice, including civil engineering. For mining engineering, see mining geology. Major subtopics include dams, earthquakes, explosions, foundations, geologic hazards, highways, land subsidence, marine installat
Engineering Geology (category)  search
SNEngineering geology, GeoRef category code 30, is one of thirty categories used to classify documents in GeoRef. Each reference in GeoRef is assigned one or more categories. Categories can be used, in addition to Terms, to refine searches (See List A.).
engineering geology maps  search
 .engineering geology maps
NTgeotechnical maps
RTengineering geology
 geophysical methods
 geophysical surveys
SNBefore 1982, also search engineering geology AND maps. Added to Thesaurus in 1982.