Abrams, Lewis J. (2006): Correlation between core, logging, and seismic data at Site 1149 in the Nadezhda Basin

ODP 185
ODP 185 1149


Abrams, Lewis J.
University of North Carolina, Department of Earth Sciences, Wilmington, NC, United States

Correlation between core, logging, and seismic data at Site 1149 in the Nadezhda Basin
In: Ludden, John N. (editor), Plank, Terry (editor), Escutia, Carlota (editor), Abrams, Lewis J., Alt, Jeffrey C., Armstrong, Robin N., Barr, Samantha, Bartolini, Annachiara, Cairns, Graeme, Fisk, Martin R., Guerin, Gilles, Haveman, Shelley A., Hirono, Tetsuro, Honnorez, Jose, Kelley, Katherine A., Larson, Roger L., Lozar, Francesca M., Murray, Richard W., Pletsch, Thomas K., Pockalny, Robert A., Rouxel, Olivier, Schmidt, Angelika, Smith, David C., Spivack, Arthur J., Staudigel, Hubert, Steiner, Maureen B., Valentine, Robert B., Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program; scientific results, Izu-Mariana Margin; covering Leg 185 of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution; Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, to Yokohama, Japan; Sites 801 and 1149; 12 April-14 June 1999
Texas A&M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States
Synthetic seismograms are derived from a combination of laboratory and downhole measurements of density and velocity data collected from Holes 1149A and 1149B during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 185. The close match between single-channel seismic data obtained at Site 1149 and the synthetic seismogram facilitates core depth to traveltime correlation and is used to adjust laboratory measurements of velocity to in situ values. The two most prominent reflections are shown to correspond to the interface between pelagic clay and shallowest chert and to the top of oceanic crust. The correlation of physical and seismic stratigraphy at Site 1149 forms the basis for future regional-scale investigations of the sedimentary and volcanic history of the Nadezhda Basin, northwest Pacific.
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West:143.2100East: 143.2100

Oceanography; Applied geophysics; bedding; cores; correlation; crust; downhole methods; geophysical methods; geophysical profiles; geophysical surveys; Leg 185; marine sediments; Nadezhda Basin; North Pacific; Northwest Pacific; Ocean Drilling Program; oceanic crust; ODP Site 1149; Pacific Ocean; planar bedding structures; sedimentary structures; sediments; seismic methods; seismic profiles; seismograms; surveys; synthetic seismograms; well logs; West Pacific;