Hessler, Ines; Dupont, Lydie M.; Handiani, Dian; Paul, Andre; Merkel, Ute; Wefer, H. C. G. (2012): Masked millennial-scale climate variations in south West Africa during the last glaciation. Copernicus, Katlenburg-Lindau, International, Climate of the Past, 8 (2), 841-853, georefid:2012-069101

To address the connection between tropical African vegetation development and high-latitude climate change we present a high-resolution pollen record from ODP Site 1078 (off Angola) covering the period 50-10 ka BP. Although several tropical African vegetation and climate reconstructions indicate an impact of Heinrich Stadials (HSs) in Southern Hemisphere Africa, our vegetation record shows no response. Model simulations conducted with an Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity including a dynamical vegetation component provide one possible explanation. Because both precipitation and evaporation increased during HSs and their effects nearly cancelled each other, there was a negligible change in moisture supply. Consequently, the resulting climatic response to HSs might have been too weak to noticeably affect the vegetation composition in the study area. Our results also show that the response to HSs in southern tropical Africa neither equals nor mirrors the response to abrupt climate change in northern Africa.
West: 8.0000 East: 30.0000 North: .0000 South: -23.0000
Expedition: 175
Site: 175-1078
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Includes supplement: http://www.clim-past.net/8/841/2012/cp-8-841-2012-supplement.pdf; published in Climate of the Past Discussion: 20 October 2011, http://www.clim-past-discuss.net/7/3511/2011/cpd-7-3511-2011.html; accessed in June, 2012
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