Krupskaya, Viktoriya; Nechitailo, Aleksandr; Krylov, Alexey; Vogt, Christoph; Andreeva, Irina (2008): Investigation of clay fraction (<2 mu m) composition for the understanding of the changes in sedimentary environments in the Arctic Ocean during Cenozoic time (IODP Leg 302 data). Polskie Towarzystwo Mineralogiczne, Cracow, Poland, In: Gorniak, Katarzyna (editor), Szydlak, Tadeusz (editor), Kasina, Monika (editor), Michalik, Marek (editor), Zych-Habel, Beata (editor), 4th Mid-European clay conference 2008 MECC'08; abstracts, 33, 97, georefid:2012-038465

West: 136.1000 East: 139.3300 North: 87.5600 South: 87.5100
Expedition: 302
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