Martin, Jose N.; Braga, Juan C.; Sanchez-Almazo, Isabel M.; Aguirre, Julio (2010): Temperate and tropical carbonate-sedimentation episodes in the Neogene Betic basins (southern Spain) linked to climatic oscillations and changes in Atlantic-Mediterranean connections; constraints from isotopic data. Blackwell, Oxford, International, In: Mutti, Maria (editor), Piller, Werner E. (editor), Betzler, Christian (editor), Carbonate systems during the Oligocene-Miocene climatic transition, 42, 49-70, georefid:2012-023787

West: -8.0000 East: -2.0000 North: 38.0000 South: 34.0000
Expedition: 161
Site: 161-976
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Provider: SEDIS Publication Catalogue
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