Almeev, R.; Koepke, J.; Silantiev, S.; Strube, N. (2010): Petrogenesis of oceanic plagiogranites; constraints from partial melting experiments on gabbro in the presence of NaCl-rich H (sub 2) O-CO (sub 2) fluids. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Bonn, Germany, In: Anonymous, IODP-ICDP Kolloquium 2010 IODP-ICDP colloquium 2010, 23, georefid:2012-006366

West: -42.0700 East: -42.0600 North: 30.1100 South: 30.1000
Expedition: 304
Site: 304-U1309
Expedition: 305
Site: 305-U1309
Expedition: 340T
Site: 340T-U1309
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