Chang, C.; McNeill, L.; Moore, J. C.; Yamada, Y.; Tobin, H.; Kinoshita, M.; Lin, W.; Conin, M.; Gulick, Sean (2008): Constraining in situ stress tensors in the upper Nankai accretionary wedge using borehole wall failures observed in the LWD boreholes, C0001, C0002 and C0004. American Geophysical Union, Washington, DC, United States, In: Anonymous, AGU 2008 fall meeting, 89 (53, Suppl.), georefid:2011-057485

West: 136.3800 East: 136.4300 North: 33.1800 South: 33.1400
Expedition: 314
Site: 314-C0001
Site: 314-C0002
Site: 314-C0004
Expedition: 315
Site: 315-C0001
Site: 315-C0002
Expedition: 316
Site: 316-C0004
Expedition: 326
Site: 326-C0002
Expedition: 332
Site: 332-C0002
Expedition: 338
Site: 338-C0002
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