McAndrews, Beth; Leventer, Amy; Domack, Eugene W. (2005): Annual cycles in Palmer Deep sediments, Antarctica. National Science Foundation, Office of Polar Programs, Washington, DC, United States, Antarctic Journal of the United States, 33, 309-313, georefid:2011-032618

The authors study the annual cycles in Palmer Deep sediments, Antarctica. The primary goal of this project was to examine the section of the 45.9-m core from hole 1098A (ODP Leg 178) from approximately 39.9 - 43.3 mbsf to evaluate the working hypothesis that the laminations represent true varves, or annual couplets.
West: -64.1228 East: -64.1228 North: -64.5143 South: -64.5143
Expedition: 178
Site: 178-1098
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NSF grants OPP-9714371 and OPP-9615053
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