Hoenisch, Baerbel; Hemming, N. Gary; Bickert, Torsten (2006): Pleistocene records of atmospheric p CO (sub 2) and deepwater pH. International Council for Science, Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, International, In: Elderfield, Harry (chairperson), Riebesell, Ulf (chairperson), Caldeira, Ken (chairperson), Kleypas, Joanie (chairperson), Broecker, Wally (chairperson), Bassinot, Franck (chairperson), First IGBP-SCOR FTI workshop; "Ocean acidification; modern observations and past experiences"; abstracts, 16, georefid:2011-027918

West: -20.5538 East: -20.5537 North: 4.4608 South: 4.4607
Expedition: 108
Site: 108-668
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