Bernsdorff, Frank; Christl, M.; Schulze, B.; Wenderoth, P.; Lippold, J.; Boehm, E.; Mangini, A.; Kubik, P. (2006): IODP; reconstruction of the geomagnetic field strength over the past 300,000 years derived from (super 10) Be data of ODP-drift sediments from the Northwest and South Atlantic Ocean. Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universitaet, Institut fuer Geographie und Geologie, Greifswald, Germany, In: Anonymous, IODP-ICDP Kolloquium 2006 in Greifswald IODP-ICDP colloquium 2006 in Greifswald, 33-34, georefid:2011-022323

West: -57.3654 East: 9.5338 North: 33.4111 South: -40.5611
Expedition: 172
Site: 172-1063
Expedition: 177
Site: 177-1089
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Provider: SEDIS Publication Catalogue
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