Georgescu, Marius D. (2009): Transition from the typological to evolutionary classification of the Cretaceous planktic Foraminifera; case study of Anaticinella Eicher 1973. American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY, United States, Micropaleontology, 55 (6), 589-616, georefid:2010-063919

Anaticinella Eicher, 1973, which was originally described to accommodate the upper Cenomanian-lowermost Turonian Anaticinella multiloculata (Morrow 1934) is redefined in the context of evolutionary classification. It represents a lineage consisting of A. portsdownensis (Williams-Mitchell 1948), A. aprica (Loeblich and Tappan 1961) and A. multiloculata, which originated from Hedbergella delrioensis (Carsey 1926). Vermicular ornamentation is described for the first time in trochospiral planktic foraminifera, namely in A. multiloculata. Hedbergellid ancestry of the Anaticinella lineage indicates that this genus belongs to Subfamily Hedbergellidae Loeblich and Tappan 1961 rather than Subfamily Rotaliporinae Sigal 1958 as previously believed and from which it is herein removed.
West: -86.2351 East: 143.4057 North: 30.0600 South: 14.3041
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