Tochilina, S. V. (2004): Periodicity of hydrothermal system in the ocean over the Juan de Fuca Ridge (Leg 139, R/V "Joides Resolution"). Far Eastern Geological Institute, Russian Federation, In: Khanchuk, A. I. (editor), Gonevchuk, G. A. (editor), Mitrokhin, A. N. (editor), Simanenko, L. F. (editor), Cook, N. J. (editor), Seltmann, R. (editor), Metallogeny of the Pacific Northwest; tectonics, magmatism and metallogeny of active continental margins, 676-679, georefid:2010-033717

In Pleistocene, the rift valley of Juan de Fuca area was characterized by complex sedimentation environment due to direct venting of fluids and the turbidite formation. Results of radiolarian analysis allowed us to determine the age and periodicity of the hydrothermal process activation: 300+ or -20, 200+ or -10, 100+ or -10, 41 K yr. Ecosystem analysis was ascertained that the periodicity may be related to the orbital fluctuation.
West: -128.4250 East: -128.3815 North: 48.2730 South: 48.2600
Expedition: 139
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