Ishii, T.; Bloomer, S. (2004): Geological and petrological studies of the recovered ophiolitic rocks from Izu-Ogasawara-Mariana and Tonga trench inner wall. Far Eastern Geological Institute, Russian Federation, In: Khanchuk, A. I. (editor), Gonevchuk, G. A. (editor), Mitrokhin, A. N. (editor), Simanenko, L. F. (editor), Cook, N. J. (editor), Seltmann, R. (editor), Metallogeny of the Pacific Northwest; tectonics, magmatism and metallogeny of active continental margins, 344, georefid:2010-033620

West: -175.3000 East: 149.0000 North: 22.3000 South: -25.0000
West: NaN East: NaN North: NaN South: NaN
West: NaN East: NaN North: NaN South: NaN
Expedition: 125
Site: 125-779
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