Zhang Lei; Liu Jianzhong; Zhao Quanhong; Li Chunlai (2003): Physicochemical properties and the complicity of parent materials of microtektites from ODP Site 1144. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geochemistry, Guiyang, China, Dizhi Diqiuhuaxue = Geology-Geochemistry, 31 (2), 64-72, georefid:2009-050212

ODP Site 1144 is located on the northern margin of the South China Sea. Many microtektites were collected from sediment samples at depths of 386.17-386.27 mcd. They are mostly spherical and oval in shape, but also include teardrops, saddles, buns, dumbbells, disk shapes and fragments. The major elements of these microtektites were measured by microprobe. Based on Harker plots and Niggli parameters of the major elements, our conclusion is that microtektites from ODP Site 1144 came from Australian normal microtektites. The parent materials are complicated in composition, and may include some clastic sediment which has not yet been chemically altered. Another one or two components involved were probably derived from clay and sandstone.
West: 117.2508 East: 117.2508 North: 20.0311 South: 20.0311
Expedition: 184
Site: 184-1144
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