Li Jian; Wang Rujian (2004): Paleoproductivity variability of the northern South China Sea during the past 1 Ma; the opal record from ODP Site 1144. Science Press, Beijing, China, Dizhixue Bao = Acta Geologica Sinica, 78 (2), 228-233, georefid:2009-037131

A biogenic silica analysis was performed on 857 samples at ODP Site 1144 in the northern South China Sea. The correlation of opal content and MAR with oxygen isotope records of planktonic Foraminifera shows that they increased during glacial periods and decreased during interglacial periods. Increases in opal content and MAR after the middle Pleistocene (about 0.9 Ma) resulted from higher surface productivity, which was induced by the intensified monsoon circulation after the "Mid-Pleistocene Revolution" and the special situation of Site 1144. Time-sequence spectral analyses of the oxygen isotope record, opal content and MAR reveal that the variability in surface productivity was predominantly forced by Earth's orbital cycles.
West: 117.2508 East: 117.2508 North: 20.0311 South: 20.0311
Expedition: 184
Site: 184-1144
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