Cunha, Armando A. Scarparo (2002): Correlacao entre eventos transgressivos e erosivos do Neocenomaniano-Turoniano na parte sul do Atlantico Sul Correlation between transgression and erosion events in the late Cenomanian-Turonian of the southern South Atlantic. UNESP, IGCE, Departamento de Geologia Sedimentar, Rio Claro, Brazil, In: de Castro, Joel Carneiro (editor), Dias-Brito, Dimas (editor), Musacchio, Eduardo A. (editor), Rohn, Rosemarie (editor), Boletim do 6 (super o) simposio sobre o Cretaceo do Brasil; 2 (super do) simposio sobre el Cretacico de America del sur Bulletin of the sixth symposium on the Cretaceous of Brazil; second symposium on the Cretaceous of South America, 6, 233-237, georefid:2009-028603

Two basins on the continental margin of Brazil (Sergipe and Santos basins) and four DSDP sites (Angola Basin, DSDP-364 and DSDP-530A; Sao Paulo Plateau, DSDP-356; Malvinas Plateau, DSDP-511) have been investigated. The small thickness of the Upper Cenomanian-Turonian in the South Atlantic Ocean is related to erosive events. These occurred respectively in the late Cenomanian-early Turonian (Biozones UC-5/UC-6), mid-Turonian (Biozones UC-6b and UC-7). In addition, two important transgressive events have been recognized; the global event late Cenomanian-early Turonian (Biozones UC-5c/UC-6a), and a mid-Turonian event (Biozone UC-8), registered in the northern part of the South Atlantic Ocean. Such events resulted from modifications in oceanic circulation patterns induced by the break-up of the equatorial portion of South America from Africa, and from changes in the uplift rates of the mid-oceanic ridge and spreading rate of the oceanic bottom.
West: -46.5818 East: 11.5818 North: -11.3419 South: -51.0017
Expedition: 40
Site: 40-364
Expedition: 71
Site: 71-511
Expedition: 75
Site: 75-530
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