Holbourn, Ann E.; Kaminski, Michael A. (1994): Lower Cretaceous benthic Foraminifera from DSDP Site 263 (Cuvier abyssal plain, Indian Ocean). [University of California, Museum of Paleontology], Berkeley, CA, United States, In: Langer, Martin R. (editor), Bagi, Harmeet (editor), Forams '94; international symposium on Foraminifera, 16 (2, Suppl.), 36, georefid:2008-121042

West: 110.5800 East: 110.5800 North: -23.2000 South: -23.2000
Expedition: 27
Site: 27-263
Data access:
Provider: SEDIS Publication Catalogue
Data set link: http://sedis.iodp.org/pub-catalogue/index.php?id=2008-121042 (c.f. for more detailed metadata)
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