Sharma, V.; Daneshian, J.; Devi, Bhagyapati (2007): Miocene Radiolaria from Inglis Island, Andaman Sea. Geological Society of India, Bangalore, India, Journal of the Geological Society of India, 70 (6), 939-949, georefid:2008-106457

Two radiolarian assemblages are distinguished in the Calocycletta (C.) costata Zone of Early to Middle Miocene from a stratigraphic section of Inglis Island, Andaman Sea. Fluctuations in percent abundance of cooler and warmer water taxa in the section indicate changing water mass conditions. Water mass fluctuations in the form of cooling and warming of surface water have also been identified in the same stratigraphic interval from various tropical Indian Ocean DSDP and ODP sites by other investigators using oxygen isotope data.
West: 93.0000 East: 93.1000 North: 12.1000 South: 12.0500
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