Roberts, Stephen; Bach, Wolfgang; Boyce, Adrian J.; Burgess, Ray (2005): (super 87) Sr/ (super 86) Sr, (super 3) He/ (super 4) He, REE and stable isotope (delta (super 34) S, delta (super 18) O) constraints on the hydrothermal fluid evolution of the PACMANUS system, Manus Basin. Springer, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany, In: Mao Jingwen (editor), Bierlein, Frank P. (editor), Mineral deposit research; meeting the global challenge; proceedings, 8, Vol. 1, 813-815, georefid:2008-083009

West: 151.4000 East: 151.4100 North: -3.4300 South: -3.4400
Expedition: 193
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