Pinto, A. M. M.; Relvas, J. M. R. S.; Barriga, F. J. A. S.; Munha, J.; Pacheco, N.; Scott, S. D. (2005): Gold mineralization in recent and ancient volcanic-hosted massive sulfides; the PACMANUS Field and the Neves Corvo Deposit. Springer, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany, In: Mao Jingwen (editor), Bierlein, Frank P. (editor), Mineral deposit research; meeting the global challenge; proceedings, 8, Vol. 1, 683-686, georefid:2008-082976

West: 151.4000 East: 151.4100 North: -3.4300 South: -3.4400
Expedition: 193
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IGCP Project No. 502
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