Zhu Zhaoyu; Qiu Yan; Zhou Houyun; Chen Junren; Ouyang Tingping; Zhong Hexian; Xie Jiubing (2002): A summary and review of research progress on global change in the South China Sea. Editorial Department of Journal of Geomechanics, Beijing, China, Dizhi Lixue Xuebao = Journal of Geomechanics, 8 (4), 315-322, 314, georefid:2007-015379

Research on global change in the South China Sea was reviewed. A chronostratigraphic sequence covering about 33 Ma has been established; long-term sequence records and high-resolution records of the paleo-environment have been investigated; a series of paroxysmal events (such as the Middle Pleistocene Evolution, Heinrich events, D-O events, fire events, the Toba volcanic event, and tektite events) have been discovered in cores from the South China Sea. Results indicate that it is necessary to deepen the research into the South China Sea for understanding the coupled atmosphere-marine-continent system and the dynamics of global change.
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