Tagle, Roald; Erzinger, J.; Hecht, L.; Stoeffler, D.; Schmitt, R. T.; Claeys, P. (2003): Platinum group elements analysis of impactites from the ICDP Chicxulub drill core Yax-1; are there traces of the impactor?. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Houston, TX, United States, In: Anonymous, Lunar and planetary science, XXXIV; papers presented to the Thirty-fourth lunar and planetary science conference, 34, georefid:2006-068551

PGE in the impactites from the Chicxulub cores Yax-1 and Y6, show a terrestrial pattern and no meteoritic contamination. This supports a non-homogeneous distribution of impactor material between crater fill and the distal impact formations.
West: -90.5557 East: -89.3000 North: 20.4500 South: 12.4259
Expedition: 84
Site: 84-567
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