Cooke, P. J.; Nelson, C. S.; Field, B. D.; Hendy, C. H.; Crundwell, M. P.; Elkington, S.; Stone, H.; Cooke, S.; Neil, H. L. (2002): Neogene palaeoceanography based on stable isotope stratigraphies from the southern Tasman Sea (Site 593), Southwest Pacific. Geological Society of New Zealand, Lower Hutt, New Zealand, In: Grenfell, H. R. (editor), Geological Society of New Zealand annual conference, Northland 2002; programme and abstracts, 112A, 15, georefid:2006-067202

West: 167.4028 East: 167.4029 North: -40.3028 South: -40.3029
Expedition: 90
Site: 90-593
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Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences abstract No. 1678
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