Kosheleva, V. A.; Kulikov, N. N. (2005): Sostav, stroyeniye i priznaki rudonosnosti osadochnoy tolshchi severnoy priekvatorial'noy chasti Atlanticheskogo okeana Lithofacies, geochemistry and ore-potential of sedimentary strata in the Equatorial Atlantic Ocean. Nauka, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, Izvestiya Russkogo Geograficheskogo Obshchestva, 137 (2), 38-55, georefid:2006-064375

In this article features of sedimentation in four complexes: upper Jurassic--lower Cretaceous, upper Cretaceous--Eocene, Oligocene-Neogene and Pleistocene-Holocene were revealed by methods of complex lithological-geochemical research of matter composition of sedimentary mantle and bottom layers, uncovered by 20 deep-water drilling boreholes (DSDP) located by two sublatitudial profiles (profile 1-15 degrees n., profile 2-25 degrees n.). It is state that in deposits of all age layers from Turon (Upper-Jurassic) to Pleistocene, excluding Barrem (lower Cretaceous) and Dat (Upper Cretaceous) ore-bearing beds are present. Their thickness varies from tens of centimeters to several metres and they contain disseminated sulfide and (or) oxide minerals, sometimes FMN, Co-scums, zeolite, glauconite, and phosphates. Process of laterite formation in ocean is analyzed. In is shown that elision waters from montmorillonite gleys are enriched by Fe, Mn, Al, Ni, Co, Ti and rare metals: Re, Se, U, V, Mo, Sc, Bi.
West: -80.0000 East: 20.0000 North: 75.0000 South: -60.0000
West: NaN East: NaN North: NaN South: NaN
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