Larson, Roger L.; Schlanger, Seymour; Batiza, Rodey; Boyce, Robert E.; De Wever, Patrick; Jenkyns, Hugh; Moberly, Ralph; Premoli-Silva, Isabella; Riech, Volkher; Shcheka, Sergey A.; Sliter, William V.; Steiner, Maureen; Thierstein, Hans; Tokuyama, Hidekazu (1979): Cretaceous intraplate volcanism in the Nauru Basin and its regional implications. In: Decker, Robert W. (editor), Drake, Charles (editor), Eaton, Gordon P. (editor), Helsley, Charles (editor), Hawaii symposium on Intraplate volcanism and submarine volcanism, 20, georefid:2006-055652

West: 165.0150 East: 165.0150 North: 7.1415 South: 7.1415
Expedition: 61
Site: 61-462
Expedition: 89
Site: 89-462
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