Glass, B. P. (2003): Australasian microtektites in the South China Sea; implications regarding the location and size of the source crater. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Houston, TX, United States, In: Anonymous, Lunar and planetary science, XXXIV; papers presented to the Thirty-fourth lunar and planetary science conference, 34, georefid:2006-047648

The highest concentration of Australasian microtektites and the highest ratio of unmelted ejecta to microtektites has been found in at ODP Hole 1144A in the northern South China Sea. These, and other data, were used to reevaluate the location and size of the Australasian strewn field source crater.
West: 115.1818 East: 117.2508 North: 20.0311 South: 10.5354
Expedition: 184
Site: 184-1144
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