Li Qingmou; Cheng, Qiuming (2001): Fractal correction of well logging curves. China University of Geosciences, Hubei, China, Journal of China University of Geosciences, 12 (3), 272-275, georefid:2005-025669

Well-logging is useful in evaluating oil-bearing layers. Logging curves can be reconstructed using the power law relation described by fractal theory. This method uses the local structure's nearby concurrent points to compensate for the average effect of logging probes and measurement errors. As an example, deep and medium induced conductivity (IMPH and IDPH) curves in ODP Leg 127 Hole 797C are reconstructed or corrected. The power spectra of corrected well-logging curves have more resolution components than the original ones. Thus, the fractal correction method makes well-logging more resolvable for thin beds.
West: 134.3209 East: 134.3211 North: 38.3657 South: 38.3655
Expedition: 127
Site: 127-797
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