Normark, William R.; McGann, Mary (2004): Late Quaternary deposition in the inner basins of the California continental borderland; Part A, Santa Monica Basin. U. S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA, United States, Scientific Investigations Report, SIR 2004-5183, 21 pp., georefid:2005-019999

Radiocarbon dating of sediment core samples from Santa Monica Basin document Holocene landslides and fault offsets along the basin margin. The new data include 17 from six piston cores on the continental slope and 11 from Ocean Drilling Program Site 1015 on the basin floor. The dates, which are based on data from pelagic and benthic foraminifera in addition to several dates from mollusk shells, are used to provide chronostratigraphic control for a previously determined basin-wide seismic stratigraphy.
West: -118.4909 East: -118.4909 North: 33.4255 South: 33.4255
Expedition: 167
Site: 167-1015
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Assessed on Feb. 25, 2005
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