Lev, Steven M. (2004): An isotopic and trace element investigation of melt-rock and impact breccia from the Chesapeake Bay impact crater to establish the source of the North American tektite strewn field. U. S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA, United States, In: Edwards, Lucy E. (compiler), Horton, J. Wright, Jr. (compiler), Gohn, Gregory S. (compiler), ICDP-USGS workshop on Deep drilling in the central crater of the Chesapeake Bay impact structure, Virginia, USA; proceedings volume, OF 2004-1016, 65-66, georefid:2004-035322

West: -72.4626 East: -72.4605 North: 38.5148 South: 38.4912
Expedition: 150
Site: 150-904
Expedition: 95
Site: 95-612
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