Hari, M. B.; Aplin, K. C. (2002): Correlation of the Campanian/Maastrichtian boundary in N.W. Europe; can the Foraminifera from the Goban Spur provide some answers?. Ussher Society, Bristol, United Kingdom, In: Cornford, Chris (chairperson), 40th annual meeting of the Ussher Society, 10, Part 3, 304-311, georefid:2004-019561

Following designation of the Tercis-les-Bains section as the GSSP (Global Stage Stratotype and Point) for the base of the Maastrichtian it is necessary to establish firm stratigraphical correlation of this succession with other regions. One of the most important areas is that occupied by the chalk facies of N.W. Europe with its zonation based primarily on belemnites and, to a lesser extent, smaller benthonic foraminifera. The planktonic foraminifera used in international correlation are relatively rare in the N.W. European chalk succession but in the DSDP sites of the Goban Spur (N.E. Atlantic margin) there is a fauna that contains some elements of the international zonation based on planktonic foraminifera and many of the species used in benthonic zonations. In DSDP Site 548A the link between the "Boreal" definition of the base of the Maastrichtian stage and the "Tethyan" definition can be established.
West: -12.0951 East: -12.0950 North: 48.5459 South: 48.5456
Expedition: 80
Site: 80-548
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