Evans, Helen F.; Channell, James E. T. (2003): Upper Miocene magnetic stratigraphy at ODP site 1092 (sub-Antarctic South Atlantic); recognition of "cryptochrons" in C5n.2n. Blackwell Science for the Royal Astronomical Society, the Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft and the European Geophysical Society, International, Geophysical Journal International, 153 (2), 483-496, georefid:2003-042068

U-channel samples from ODP site 1092 in the sub-Antarctic South Atlantic Ocean provide an interpretable magnetic stratigraphy of the upper Miocene. Although the interpretation is unclear within the Gilbert Chron, the record represents one of the more complete upper Miocene polarity stratigraphies from the South Atlantic. Eight polarity subchrons that are not included in the standard polarity timescale are identified. (modified journ. abst.)
West: 3.0559 East: 80.3528 North: -46.2442 South: -64.3101
Expedition: 113
Site: 113-689
Expedition: 119
Site: 119-744
Expedition: 177
Site: 177-1092
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