Yim, Wyss W. S. (2000): The record of the Quaternary on continental shelves; their interpretation, correlation and applications. International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), Ottawa, ON, Canada, Episodes, 23 (1), 32-36, georefid:2003-010353

Continental shelves provide a direct record of Quaternary sea-level changes but have not played a major role in land-sea correlation. This is attributed mainly to the lack of a major international initiative like the Ocean Drilling Programme on shelves, the high cost of offshore drilling, and, the restrictions imposed on the release of information obtained by the offshore petroleum industry. The main aim of International Geological Correlation Programme project number 396 (IGCP 396) initiated in 1996 is to study and interpret Quaternary sequences on shelves to permit global correlation of sea-level and climatic changes while at the same time identify beneficial uses for humankind. This paper provides information on the project including selected highlights from the research conducted to date.
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