Pearce, J. A.; van der Laan, S. R.; Arculus, R. J.; Murton, B. J.; Ishii, T.; Peate, D. W.; Parkinson, I. J. (1993): Boninite and harzburgite from ODP Leg 125 (Bonin-Mariana Forearc); a case study of magma genesis during the initial stages of subduction. Pitagora Editrice, Bologna, Italy, In: Bortolotti, V. (editor), Treves, B. (editor), Proceedings of the workshop on the Ronda ultramafic massif and the Betic Cordillera ophiolites, 18 (1), 105-106, georefid:2002-067459

West: 140.5509 East: 146.4146 North: 30.4929 South: 19.2955
Expedition: 125
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IGCP Project No. 256
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