Basov, I. A. (2001): Evolyutsiya ledovogo shchita Antarktidy (178-y reys "DZHOIDES Rezolyushn") Evolution of the Antarctic ice sheet; Leg 178 of the "JOIDES Resolution". Nauka, Rossiyskaya Akademiya Nauk, Moscow, Russian Federation, Priroda, 2001 (9), 69-70, georefid:2002-044272

A general report on results from Leg 178 of the JOIDES Resolution to the Pacific margin of the Antarctic Peninsula. It describes sediment cores from the continental shelf and slope, and discusses the advance and retreat of the Antarctic Peninsula ice sheets.
West: -78.3000 East: -64.0000 North: -63.4800 South: -67.3400
Expedition: 178
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