Price, G. D.; Sellwood, B. W. (1999): Isotopic variation in late Cenomanian to early Turonian Foraminifera and matrix from DSDP Site 551 (Goban Spur, Northeast Atlantic). Ussher Society, Bristol, United Kingdom, In: Williams, Brian J. (editor), Geoscience in South-West England, 9, Part 4, 297-299, georefid:2002-013603

Stable isotopic measurements have been made on both planktonic foraminifera and coccolith-rich matrix of Cretaceous (latest Cenomanian-early Turonian) age from DSDP site 551 (Goban Spur, Northeast Atlantic). The foraminifera display a delta (super 18) O range of 1.1 to 2.2 per mil (PDB) whilst the delta (super 13) C values are confined to a narrower range of 2.0 to 2.1 per mil (PDB). The preservation of the foraminifera has been assessed through geochemistry and scanning electron microscopy and indicates that they show evidence of some diagenetic alteration. Consequently palaeotemperature estimates using these values are deemed to be in general unreliable. The delta (super 13) C of the matrix (in conjunction with published data) show heaviest values during the latest Cenomanian. The data are thus consistent with the widely observed positive carbon isotope excursion associated with the latest Cenomanian oceanic anoxic event.
West: -13.3006 East: -13.3005 North: 48.5439 South: 48.5438
Expedition: 80
Site: 80-551
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