Gurenko, A. A.; Schmincke, H. U. (1996): Constraints on the origin of shield basalt magmas of Gran Canaria based on melt, crystal and fluid inclusions in olivine and clinopyroxene from hyaloclastites drilled during the ODP Leg 157. Alfred-Wegener-Stiftung, Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany, In: Ristedt, H. (editor), Beiersdorf, Helmut, Michels, Klaus, Brockmann, Erika, Bulla, Gisela, First Eurocolloquium of the Ocean Drilling Program, 96-4, 47, georefid:2001-064078

West: -25.3600 East: -15.0841 North: 32.0154 South: 27.1933
Expedition: 157
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