Wang Jiliang; Zhao Quanhong; Cheng Xinrong; Wang Rujian; Wang Pinxian (2000): Age estimation of the mid-Pleistocene microtektite event in the South China Sea; a case showing the complexity of the sea-land correlation. Science Press, Beijing, China, Chinese Science Bulletin, 45 (24), 2277-2280, georefid:2001-058018

The present study confirms the stratigraphical position of microtektite layer being clearly located below the Brunhes/Matuyama (B/M) boundary. Based on the sedimentation rate derived from the stable isotopic and magnetic data of ODP Site 772A, cores 17957 and 17959 in the South China Sea, the age of the mid-Pleistocene impact event was estimated at 10-12 ka earlier than the Brunhes-Matuyama polarity reversal. However, the microtektites were found above the measured B/M boundary in the loess profile due to the downward deviation of the measured B/M boundary from its true position. This demonstrates the complexity of paleo-magnetic records in the loess profiles which, in turn, causes the confusion in the sea-land stratigraphic correlation.
West: 119.4200 East: 119.4200 North: 16.3900 South: 16.3900
Expedition: 124
Site: 124-772
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