Harris, L. C.; Whiting, B. M. (2000): Sequence-stratigraphic significance of Miocene to Pliocene glauconite-rich layers, on- and offshore of the US Mid-Atlantic margin. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands, In: Harris, W. Burleigh (editor), Segall, Marylin P. (editor), Onshore-offshore correlation of Cenozoic strata, western margin of North Atlantic, 134 (1-2), 129-147, georefid:2000-063942

West: -72.4400 East: -72.1600 North: 39.4000 South: 39.1300
Expedition: 150
Site: 150-903
Expedition: 174A
Site: 174A-1071
Site: 174A-1072
Site: 174A-1073
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