Gruetzner, J.; Mienert, J. (1999): Lateral changes of mass accumulation rates derived from seismic reflection profiles; an example from the Western Atlantic. Trans Tech Publications, Zurich, Switzerland, In: Bruns, P. (editor), Hass, H. C. (editor), On the determination of sediment accumulation rates, 5, 87-107, georefid:2000-020963

Lateral changes of mass accumulation rates (MAR) can be calculated and mapped only in areas where well dated seismic horizons have been identified in seismic reflection profiles. We demonstrate a method of deriving MAR from seismics using a suite of profiles from the western Atlantic (30-40 degrees N, 65-80 degrees W) where prominent isochronous reflectors have been identified. The uncertainty of the MAR calculations is higher in deeper burial depth and for thinner layers. Mass accumulation rates vary through time from 500 g (super *) cm (super -2*) my (super -1) for Upper Cretaceous sedimentation below the CCD up to more than 100000 g (super *) cm (super -2*) my (super -1) for Pliocene turbidite sedimentation at the continental slope. Furthermore MAR in the study area are controlled by contour currents, tectonics, and sea level fluctuations. Following the individual horizons from the margin to the Western Bermuda Rise lateral variations in MAR of more than 300% have been found.
West: -80.0000 East: -65.0000 North: 40.0000 South: 30.0000
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