Kennington, Kevin; Haslett, Simon K.; Funnell, Brian M. (1999): Offshore transport of neritic diatoms as indicators of surface current and trade wind strength in the Plio-Pleistocene eastern Equatorial Pacific. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands, In: Martin, Ronald E. (editor), Patterson, R. Timothy (editor), Goldstein, Susan T. (editor), Kumar, Arun (editor), Taphonomy as a tool in paleoenvironmental reconstruction and environmental assessment, 149 (1-4), 171-181, georefid:1999-068363

West: -110.3419 East: -110.3417 North: 2.4614 South: 2.4612
Expedition: 111
Site: 111-677
Expedition: 138
Site: 138-847
Site: 138-851
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