Strong, C. P.; Webb, P. N. (1998): Lower Miocene Foraminifera from CRP-1 Drillhole. Universita di Siena. Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Siena, Italy, In: Hambrey, Michael J. (editor), Wise, Sherwood W. (editor), Barrett, Peter (editor), Davey, Fred J. (editor), Ehrmann, Werner (editor), Smellie, John L. (editor), Villa, Giuliana (editor), Woolfe, Ken J. (editor), Studies from the Cape Roberts Project; Ross Sea, Antarctica; scientific report of CRP-1, 5 (3), 515-520, georefid:1999-064117

A fauna comprising 18 foraminiferal taxa was recovered from a suite of 52 core samples from lower Miocene sandstone, claystone and diamictite in the CRP-1 drillhole, Cape Roberts, Antarctica. The fauna is characterised by low foraminiferal abundance and diversity, the absence of planktics, and typically, the presence of Cribroelphidium sp.and/or Melonis spp. These factors indicate deposition in an inner shelf or nearshore environment. Many of the foraminifers found in CRP-1 also occur in the upper Oligocene-Miocene sequences in CIROS-1 and DSDP270, but the fauna provides no precise indication of age. Typical and distinctive species from CRP-1 are illustrated with SEM photomicrographs.
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