Robertson, A. H. F.; Emeis, K. C.; Richter, C.; Blanc-Valleron, M. M.; Bouloubassi, I.; Brumsack, H. J.; Cramp, A.; Di Stefano, G. J.; Flecker, R.; Frankel, E.; Howell, M. W.; Janecek, T. R.; Jurado, M. J.; Kemp, A. E. S.; Koizumi, I.; Kopf, A.; Major, C. O.; Mart, Y.; Pribnow, D. F. C.; Rabaute, A.; Roberts, A. P.; Rullkoetter, J.; Sakamoto, T.; Spezzaferri, S.; Staerker, T. S.; Stoner, J. S.; Whiting, B. M.; Woodside, J. M. (1998): Collision-related break-up of a carbonate platform (Eratosthenes Seamount) and mud volcanism on the Mediterranean Ridge; preliminary synthesis and implications of tectonic results of ODP Leg 160 in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Geological Society of London, London, United Kingdom, In: Cramp, A. (editor), MacLeod, C. J. (editor), Lee, S. V. (editor), Jones, E. J. W. (editor), Geological evolution of ocean basins; results from the Ocean Drilling Program, 131, 243-271, georefid:1998-075069

West: 32.2000 East: 33.0500 North: 34.0500 South: 33.2500
West: NaN East: NaN North: NaN South: NaN
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