Meyers, Philip A.; Silliman, James E.; Shaw, Timothy J. (1996): Effects of turbidity flows on organic matter accumulation, sulfate reduction, and methane generation in deep-sea sediments on the Iberia abyssal plain. Pergamon, Oxford-New York, International, In: Grimalt, J. O. (editor), Simoneit, B. R. T. (editor), Parkes, R. J. (editor), Maxwell, J. R. (editor), Proceedings of the 17th international meeting on Organic geochemistry; Part V, Environmental organic geochemistry and microbial geochemistry, 25 (1-2), 69-78, georefid:1997-019450

West: 13.0000 East: 110.0000 North: 41.0000 South: 40.0000
Expedition: 149
Site: 149-897
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